Privacy policy for invest-way’s App

Privacy policy (invest-way)






このアプリはGoogle AdMob 広告を使用しています。iOS向けGoogle Admob広告には、Appleの広告識別子 (IDFA)が利用されており、もし広告識別子 (IDFA)の使用を制限したい場合は、以下の設定をすることでIDFAの使用を制限することが出来ます。

Privacy Policy

We will not provide information that can identify individuals to third parties. Pay close attention to the management of personal information and treat it as listed below.

Data analysis

In order to improve the convenience of the application, we pay close attention and analyze the data within the range where the specific individual can not be identified. We do not collect and analyze user generated content. The content to be analyzed includes, but is not limited to, the usage rate of the device or application version, the usage rate of a specific function, and the place where the bug occurs.


This application is using Google AdMob Advertising. Apple’s advertising identifier (IDFA) is used for Google Admob ads for iOS, and if you want to limit the use of advertising identifier (IDFA), you can restrict the use of IDFA by setting the following can.
1. Go to Settings > General > Privacy.
2. Turn on Limit Ad Tracking.